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Fill Gaps General Usage Instructions

Fill Gaps Help

Fill Gaps scans a sketch and attempts to detect and fill gaps smaller than the specified gap width.
Select mode:
– the fill mode attempts to add a new line between endpoints and attempts to keep the geometry unchanged.
– the join mode attempts to join two curves. It changes the geometry and a whole shape of curves.
The current version supports fill for all types of curves and join for arcs and lines.

If the geometry was imported it may contain curves with small z values that don’t create profiles even if there are no gaps. Check the project geometry checkbox to project the geometry to a new sketch. It flattens the geometry, but calculates longer. Please check if all curves exist and have the right shape after the project geometry.

Gaps at ends of double lines and curves may not be detected in the current version. Some curves may not create profiles, even if there are no gaps, and the curve is flat.

Scaling down the geometry with the sketch > modify > sketch scale helps create profiles.

Please check if all curves exist and have the right whole shape after filling the gaps, especially in the join or project modes.

The newest version of Fill Gaps can be downloaded here: https://maciejrogowski.com/catalog