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Align Text Installation

Align Text Help

To install Align Text download the add-in from the Autodesk App Store



Windows installation instructions:
Double-click the downloaded AlignText_win64.msi to install the add-in.

Mac installation instructions (see views 1 to 4):
1. Right-click on the downloads folder.
2. Choose “Open in Finder”.
3. Right-click on the “AlignText_macos.pkg” -> “Open With” -> “Installer”.
It should open the installer on Mac.

After installing both Windows and Mac:
Align Text button will be in the sketch tab -> modify (view 5). The sketch tab is visible only when a sketch is open.
A license key input field is in the bottom of the add-in window (view 6). Please enter the license key in the license key input field. It should unlock the add-in.

1. Mac - right click on the downloads folder.
2. Mac - open in Finder.
3. Mac - open with Installer.
4. Mac - installer.
5. Win and Mac - press the Align Text button in the modify panel.
6. Win and Mac - Align Text license key input field.