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Fusion 360 Add-Ins

Align Text

Aligns texts to the selected line.

CAM Utility Icon

CAM Utility

Replaces the program names by the setup names in the Manufacture workspace.

Dowel Joint

Creates a dowel joint between two boards.

Fill Gaps

Scans a sketch and attempts to detect and fill gaps between endpoints of lines and curves in the sketch.

Find and Replace

Finds and replaces text in names of components, bodies or sketches.

Hinge Holes

Creates holes for hinges, connectors and drawers in a cabinet.

Loose Tenon Joint

Creates a loose tenon joint between two boards.

Mill DXF

Saves selected board as a multilayer dxf file for milling on Biesse Rover or Homag CNC machines.

Mortise and Tenon

Creates a mortise and tenon joint between two boards.

Panel Offsets

Offsets sides of a panel in a cabinet.

Self-Aligning Jig

Creates sketch geometry for a self-aligning jig for machining two-sided parts. 

Shelf Holes

Creates shelf holes in a cabinet.

Text on Arc

Creates a sketch text on the selected arc.

Text Table

Allows the user to edit all sketch texts in the active design from the add-in window.