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Fusion 360 Add-Ins

Align Text

Aligns texts to the selected line.

Dowel Joint

Creates a dowel joint between two boards.

DXF Mill

Saves selected board as a multilayer dxf file for milling on Biesse Rover or Homag CNC machines.

Fill Gaps

Attempts to fill gaps between endpoints of lines and curves in a sketch.

Find and Replace

Finds and replaces text in names of components, bodies or sketches.

Hinge Holes

Creates holes for hinges and drawers in a cabinet.

Loose Tenon Joint

Creates a loose tenon joint between two boards.

Mortise and Tenon

Creates a mortise and tenon joint between two boards.

Self-Aligning Jig

Creates sketch geometry for a self-aligning jig for machining two-sided parts. 

Shelf Holes

Creates shelf holes in a cabinet.

Text on Arc

Creates a sketch text on the selected arc.

Text Table

Allows the user to edit all sketch texts in the active design from the add-in window.