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Align Texts in a Sketch

Align Text Help

To align texts in a sketch:

  1. Open a sketch.
  2. Press the “Align Text” button in the “Sketch” -> “Modify” panel.
  3. Select the line.
  4. Select texts to align.
  5. Specify the alignment type.
  6. Check the “Space Equally” checkbox to space texts equally. Enter the spacing distance.
  7. Check the “Explode Text” checkbox to break the texts into profiles.
  8. Press “OK” button.
1. Press the "Align Text" button in the "Sketch" -> "Modify" panel.
2. Select the line.
3. Select texts.
4. Specify the alignment type.
5. Specify the alignment type.
6. Specify the spacing distance.
7. Aligned texts.